Broken Pipes, Rodents, and Mold Oh My!

Cast iron pipes are becoming a big issue in South Florida. These pipes usually only last 25-35 years. If yours are around this age or older they can break at anytime which leads to a multitude of problems. You may notice a sewage back up, mold, odors, and rodents. There has been an influx of customers that are having rodent issues that won’t go away. James and Julien with Wildlife Removal Palm Bay are excellent at knowing when there is a plumbing issue and finding it! There have been multiple times where we have trapped and excluded the property, there is still activity, the client thinks their pipes are fine and the guys find a break.

There are 2 ways we confirm the issue. The first is a smoke test. We push smoke through the plumbing and go through the house looking for smoke and the smell of it. Usually it is found in the kitchen or bathroom. If for some reason that doesn’t work or the smell is coming from the wall, we use a small camera to snake the pipes and find the break that way. Once the break is repaired (usually by a plumber) we will continue to trap until the problem is taken care of. 13771378


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